THE GLOBE THEATRE – London (Shakespeare´s Globe)

WEDNESDAY 10/19/2016

|| I hope that my first season will inspire joy, sorrow, fear and laughter in equal, glorious, wonderful, childlike measure as we all choose to get lost in the woods together ||

– EMMA RICE, director of the Globe Theatre

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The famous Globe Theatre in London is the most real and lovingly Shakespeare „playhouse“. The original Globe closed down in 1644, when the puritian party did not want any places of amusement any more. Luckily, it has been rebuilt in about 1970 by a famous American actor!

The Globe Theatre nowadays is an Elizabethanian theatre rebuilt, and named Shakespeare´s Globe. It is located on South bank of River Thames near to „Anchor Terrace“. There is space for 1,500 people.

The actor Sam Wanamaker visited London in 1949. He wanted to see the famous Globe Theatre, but was in tears, as people told him that there was no more Globe Theatre. Wanamaker could only see a bronze Plaque with „Globe Theatre“ written on it. Sam Wanamaker decided to build a new Theatre, and this should be his life´s work. The Globe Theatre, as we know it nowadays, was re-opened in 1997.

Sam Wanamaker died of Cancer in 1993, so he could not open „his“ theatre, sadly. Today there is the Sam Wanamaker playhouse, which is a candlelit indoor theatre, located on the nowadays Globe site, and can be accessed through the main Foyer of the Globe Theatre.

The first artistic director of the Globe rebuilt was Mark Rylance, from 1997 to 2005.

Now, the Globe is at it´s „WONDER SEASON“, and, for the first time, directed by Mrs. Emma Rice.


„Emma will open her season by directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Following this, audiences can expect powerful stagings of The Taming of the Shrew and Macbeth as well as Imogen, a reframed production of Cymbeline; UK-wide tours of The Merchant of Venice and The Two Gentlemen of Verona; and Kneehigh’s family-friendly 946 – The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips and the magical The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk.“

The Summer Season 2016 is Extended with „The Globe on Tour“. One of the Plays which are touring around the world is – no wonder- „The Merchant of Venice“. At the moment, it heads to Venice (originally) to take a final bow.

Tomorrow: Read a Review of „The Merchant of Venice“ (production of The Globe Theatre starring Jonathan Pryce, Stefan Adegbola, Rachel Pickup).

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