Shakespeare was „Something weird, something good“ – More About His Life

MONDAY 10/17/2016

We all know William Shakespeare. Who would not know this famous man? Famous? Yes, he is. But most people do know his name, how it is spelled. If they are not really into it, they would barely know that this man has written 38 dramatic theatre plays, and the gorgeous amount of 154 Sonetts (or Klanggedichte, as Germans would say).

Shakespeare´s early life

Most of it we know from public documents, not so much from private ones. Printed text and hand-written text is very important if you want to unterstand what the plays meant to him. Well, people can say, there is not a single biography of Shakespeare that says the truth about the real William. Many of the written books are based on the historical context, meaning the time William Shakespeare wrote and arranged his plays.

Let´s start and say, there was this town, called Stratford-upon-Avon, a little town, 100 miles northwest of London. William was born there in 1564, not sure if it was April 23rd.

William was the last of three children, but only he survived, the two earlier children, named Joan and Margaret, had died early. His father was John Shakespeare, a Glover from Snitterfield. His mother´s name was Mary Arden.

William was often called „Bard of Avon“, and also „England´s national Poet“. Pretty good, don´t you think so? The Greatest writer in English language and famous dramatist. Plays of William have been translated in so many languages that the world almost must be full of his plays in every language. In fact, that is not fully the case, but it also sounds really big.

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