The Playwright EDWARD ALBEE


(c) Edward Albee Society



The winner of Pullitzer Prize, Edward Albee died in 2016. On September 16th, in Montauk, East Hampton, New York, his life came to an end. But his work will not be forgotten. So what did he do?

Edward Albee was an American playwright. So far, so good. But he was not an ordinary man, like Henry Higgins used to sing. Albee is known for editing books and writing dramas. One of his world-famous plays is „Who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf?“. Another one: „The Sandbox“. Another one: „The Goat – or who is Sylvia?“, and one is called „The Zoo Story“. „Three tall women“ is also one of his plays.So, there is pretty much work that he bequeaths us.

The Edward Albee Foundation, yet, is still at work. It has been founded in 1967, of royaltys of his „Virginia Woolf“. The Mission of Albee´s Foundation is to „provide space to Artists where they can work peaceful and out of any intolerance or disturbance“.

The fact that Albee was gay did shock people, but not for long. He won many prizes: Tony Awards (for „Virginia Woolf“), the Pullitzer Prize (for „A delicate Balance“), Drama Desk Awards and many more.





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