A magical CD by Russell Watson: True Stories



The famous Tenor Russell Watson is known for being UK´s best selling classical artist. Russell has landed another coup: His CD „True stories“ is not only a distinctive masterpiece of art. It tells stories you will hear occasionally.

Russell´s voice seems elegant, it is just right to see that the Tenor is recording another piece. His vocal agility has not changed a bit. Many supreme and marvellous tracks can be found on this CD, and they have something in common: They all tell their own Story. Watson thought that some opera Songs (e.c. from „Carmen“) would mix with a rhetoric question „Do you hear what I hear?“, that could mean: Do you feel the same like me?

Watson is singing in a very emotional and sensitive, yet certain way. You can hear him interprete cool and smooth Songs, as well as very deep-considered tracks which are about finding yourself.

If I loved you is originally by Audra Mc Donald. Watson does great by transporting several emotions to the audience. In earlier times, Aprile (Tosti) was interpreted by no other than the great Pavarotti, Watson has his own style. To cheer Opera, Russell has recorded La fleur que tu m’avais jetée. Truly a masterpiece of the collection.

Other Songs that Watson is making extraordinarily good (in his own style) are for example: With a song in my heart, Who can I turn to, When it shines or Do you hear What I hear.


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