The Bridge Theatre : The Joy of a new Theatre! London has a new venue – ready for Christmas.


London is pleased. The City of dreams welcomes a new theatre which offers a lot more than a playground for actors and actresses. There is something about the new venue. It is not only what it seems. Welcome to the Bridge Theatre!

The Location and the very young history

Located in 3 Potters Fields Park in London, the Bridge Theatre happens to be a brand new, commercial theatre building near famous Tower Bridge. It opened in October this year, and it is full of excitement for it´s first Christmas Season.

What´s critically important…

The emphasis on new writing is an important factor for B.T. The Person giving first-hand Knowledge is Nicholas Hytner, who planned it as the home of London Theatre Company. Hytner is the artistic director of the new venue. Eight new Shows are to come, all new! Women in leading roles like Michelle Fairley as Cassius are refreshing News. At all, four of the planned premieres are written by women. Questioning Patriarchal structures, that is the plan. New ages, new theatres.

Julius Caesar (W. Shakespeare) at the new Bridge Theatre

Rome. Just Rome? No! Julius Caesar is to come to Bridge Theatre! Caesar Returns. But the elite is going to kill him. Fresh, all new, Nicholas Hytner is going to set the audience as part of the Story. They will greet Caesar as he Returns for his Triumph. Star David Calder will be Iulius Caesar, among the Ensemble will be Michelle Fairley as Cassius, as well as Laila Farzad as Brutus.



Julius Caesar at Bridge Theatre

from January 20 to April

Cast: David Calder, Michelle Fairley, Ben Whishaw („Q“ from James Bond)

General Information
Ticket Prices
Seated tickets: £65, £50, £35, £25, £15
Standing Tickets: £25 (£15 Young Bridge Members)
Reduced prices for previews and midweek matinees
Premium tickets available
Performance Schedule
Tuesday to Saturday 7.45pm, Wednesday & Saturday 2.30pm & Sunday 3pm
2 hours (no interval)
Additional Information
Performances will contain flashing lights and gun shots

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