A Play more and more relevant – JULIUS CAESAR (Shakespeare) at the Bridge Theatre London with David Calder, Michelle Fairley.

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare – a Play, more relevant than ever?! It seems that way. The antique tragedy is brought to nowadays, if not: the future. Caesars triumph is not long-lasting. The brand-new Bridge Theatre in London brings it to life. Art is flexible, and so is the new Version of the Shakespearean Play from 1599. 

The innovative promenade staging by director Nicholas Hytner guarantees another point of view on antique „roman“ traditions. Modern, and in a breathtaking way, and, of course, with newest production design (Bunny Christie), the play offers a wide range of various situations.

Not as usual. The new Bridge Theatre sets up a stunning location, just like it happens to be in Shakespeare´s Globe. People do not only see the action in every detail. No! They are just a part of it. The transformation of the auditorium is brought to you by the Bridge itself.

Julius Caesar is on top of his triumph. But the elité is going to bring him down, as in history. The point of the storyline is clearly historical. But for nowadays, you can also draw conclusions from this. As glorious Caesar, David Calder is mighty and powerful, not only addicted to the stage. He seems to be not as clashing as real Julius. Calder is more down for a charismatic man of the show. Dressed in black, he appears quite good-looking.

One charming person you all know, not only as „fresh and nerdy“ Q from James Bond franchise, is Ben Whishaw. The young, inspiring Benjamin John Whishaw from Clifton drawing attention to Brutus, one of Caesar´s murderers. He does not overrate brutal action, but fine-tunes his verbal expressions very well.

The other murderer, here, is surprisingly overwhelming! Cassius, who is also one group leader when it comes to rip Caesar off his throne, is played by „Game of Thrones“-Actress Michelle Fairley. Also dressed in a black trenchcoat which leaves room for plenty of discussion (pure und fabulous costume design by Christina Cunningham). Passion for the beautiful arts, but also a sense for serious Action. Fairley combines both!

David Morrissey is supposed to bring the good old Rome back after the insult. His character, Marcus Antonius or Mark Anthony, is „the last man standing“.

With a length of two hours without interval, the Bridge offers you to join a mob in this thinkful and meaningful production. You as a recipient are not supposed to only watch, but also to take action in the piece.

If you are interested in ancient Rome and Politics, this is a must-see for you.







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