Birth of a genius! Mozart was born on January 27th!

One of the greatest composers! You agree! I know you do. He is from Austria. To be correct, from Salzburg. Mozart, Ioannes Chrysostomos was born on January 27th, 1756. His birthplace is famous today. He was born to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl. Mozart was the youngest of seven children. Only Wolfgang and his sister Maria Anna, called „Nannerl“ reached adult´s age.

Mozart loved Italy, but hated to travel. He travelled all around Europe, and at that time travelling was hard because he had to go by carriage. He composed many famous arias, operas and dances.

„The Magic Flute“, „La finta giardiniera“, „Don Giovanni“, „Rondo alla turca“, „Idomeneo“, „Le nozze di Figaro“, „Die Entführung aus dem Serail“, „Cosi fan tutte“, „A Little Night Music“, Symphonies „Jupiter“, „Haffner“ and „Linzer“. Pieces, operas that are unforgettable. What memories for people he created! It can be seen and heard until nowadays.

Today is Mozart´s birthday. He will not be forgotten as a composer and as a human.

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