HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jonathan Pryce!

The Welsh actor and singer has been praised as an outstanding artist since he delivered an award-winning performance as „Hamlet“ in a production of the Royal Court Theatre. Whenever it comes to character studies, Pryce is the one you need. Over the years, he has developed his own style. This style is remarkable because of its inner density. Nevertheless, if Pryce asked: „Please, from where do you know me?“ most people would say: „Oh, weren´t you the villain, this villain who made Bond shiver?“ Yes, indeed. He was Elliot Carver in Tomorrow never dies – Number 18 of the Bond Franchise. But should this be the one role everyone knows him for? Same with the High Sparrow from the HBO series Game of Thrones. One character which he was not so sure to take over, by the way. Magic Things are not made for him, he said once. He is also famous for his breakthrough screen performance as Sam Lowry in Terry Gilliam´s 1985 cult film Brazil.

May we also speak of his theatre performances: After he finished his studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Drama School in London), he started his career. He said: „My tutor told me I wouldn´t amount to very much!“ The tutor should be wrong. Hamlet at the Royal Court Theatre was responsive for his Olivier Award. A Milestone in his career was the Everyman Theatre Liverpool. He also appeared in Musicals, creating a flexible Engineer in Miss Saigon, or Henry Higgins in My fair Lady. Also, William Shakespeare has become an important „influencer“: There are roles such as King Lear or recently Shylock in The Merchant of Venice (English Theatre Week #4: The MERCHANT OF VENICE at the Shakespeare´s Globe London and in Venicethat Pryce filled with his own style.

His current project will be Terry Gilliam´s film „The Man who killed Don Quixote“.

Klingers Kulturpavillon wishes a very happy birthday!

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