HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Christoph Waltz!


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Christoph Waltz is one of the best-known actors of the century. Waltz is an Austrian-Born actor who cannot count his Awards anymore. He studied at Max Reinhardt Seminar, Vienna. He is widely known for his work with American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and for two of the films they worked on together, Waltz received the most important Award actors could ever get. He portrayed Hans Landa, Standartenführer of the SS, in Tarantino´s „Inglourious Basterds“, a movie about world war II. In German, reviewers said „Willkommen im 2. Weltkrieg frei nach Tarantino“, which means „Welcome to world war II according to Tarantino“. Times later, Waltz presented his „collaboration“ with Quentin T. again: „Django Unchained“. 2 Times Waltz won „Best Supporting Actor“ @ the Oscars for both movies, one time for Hans Landa, another time for Dr. King Schultz.

Not only to mention his films, Waltz is a brilliant, character- ennobling actor, as well as he is a very charming Person, especially when it Comes to greet his fans. His Austrian mother, Elisabeth Waltz-Urbancic, was/is a costume designer and has written a book about her life and childhood: „4 Kinder und ein Zeichentisch“ – „Four children and a drawing table“.

Christoph Waltz also is fond of having staged an opera: His first work of Art in this genre was „Der Rosenkavalier“ (2013) at the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerpen. A second direction is announced to be „Falstaff“ in 2017.

Waltz will be the Special Guest of this years „Viennale“, the famous Film Festival in Vienna, Austria.

Klingers Kulturpavillon wishes a Very Happy Birthday!


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